You’ll NEVER get an edit option on Twitter – by Chris Zaccaro

If you want to know if changes are coming in an organization, there’s no better way to find out than to ask the head honcho. Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey recently took part in a Q&A video where he shared some background on his famous platform (my personal favorite), as well as his thoughts on common suggestions for the networking service—including the headline question:

“What about the addition of an edit option?”

First, here’s some quick and interesting tidbits from the interview:

• As I’m sure you know, the Twitter logo is a bird. Well, the bird’s name is Larry—and yes, it’s named after #33. Sorry, Larry David.
• Twitter originally started with a 140 character limit so a tweet could fit into one text message.
• The company’s founders also liked how the platform’s sometimes frustrating limitation sparked creativity among users, as it forced folks to find a way to squeeze their message in.
• Of course later on the character limit was doubled and then the “thread” feature became available, so now we’re not really constrained anymore, according to Dorsey. Yes, even Twitter has its own version of the good old days.

I’ve been on Twitter for almost a decade now, and the most common wish/complaint I see among the Tweeps, especially content creators and journalists, is the lack of an edit option. According to Dorsey, that’s probably never going to happen. His reasoning being that it could set users up for re-broadcasting something they never intended to share.

Imagine if I gained a hundred retweets after tweeting “Chicago pizza is trash compared to New Haven pizza,” only to later edit it to say “Chicago is the Pizza Capital of the World!” No one would have retweeted me as they don’t share that opinion—and I would make them look like they have no idea what they’re talking about, too. After all, pizza is Connecticut’s greatest natural resource.

That reasoning makes sense, I suppose. You will just need to keep being mindful of what you type and be sure to proofread before you send your tweet out to the world.

By the way, if you happen to watch Dorsey’s interview, he mentions you can direct message a member of his team—the Verification God (he even provides his handle)—and he’ll probably hook you up with the coveted blue verified badge—Twitter’s own Good Housekeeping Seal of Verification. Since then, that unfortunate fella, who was probably bombarded with direct messages for days, has updated his bio to say he is, in fact, decidedly NOT a Verification God and won’t be able to verify you. Nice prank Dorsey—don’t bother with that strategy, folks.

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