Crisis & Strategic Communications
Reputations are won or lost in times of crisis or challenging moments. Our team has helped manage communications for some of the most difficult crises in Connecticut’s history – environmental spills, fires, business malfeasance, medical failures and emotional traumas.

We are the respected, calm, experienced voice in the room adhering religiously to the “Three C’s of Crisis Communications”—concern, control and communicate—at all times, and we do not stop working on your behalf until the crisis can effectively be declared closed. We have a long history of building crisis communications plans for clients and testing them through tabletop simulations, in the event that someday the unthinkable happens and a crisis occurs.

Media Relations
With decades of collective experience in working with legacy and digital media, we know how to get your story told to the public in the places your audience goes for the news. Possessing excellent relationships with Connecticut’s leading print, online, digital, television and radio personalities, editors and producers—as well as established national, New England, Tri-State media and trade publication contacts—Sullivan &LeShane Public Relations, Inc. delivers millions of dollars in earned media value to our clients each year.

Economic Development Project Support
We have a distinct edge in development projects. Every project is different, and subject to external impact: it might be a state or city agency, a funding source, a mayor, a neighborhood group, a competitor, the media or all of the above. We build the right strategy to identify those key impactors and tailor the right messages to communicate and engage them on your terms. We’re strategic, respected and relentless in the pursuit of your goals.

Legislative Support

We have earned a well-known reputation for providing public relations support when legislation needs to be passed and issues of public importance need to be framed—as well as driven. We wrote the playbook on telling the story, reaching the right audiences and bringing key legislation and issues to a successful conclusion.

Message Development
Everyone knows that you either define yourself or someone else does it for you. Every successful public relations initiative begins with developing the right messages that establish your narrative on your own terms. That’s where we begin. We identify key audiences and tailor your messages. We then develop a strategic plan to deliver those messages, reassess as needed, and achieve the results you require.

Communications Coaching
For over 30 years, we have worked with hundreds of clients to prepare them to speak with highly discerning audiences, including the media, with government officials, industry groups and the public. Using our proprietary communications coaching curriculum as the foundation, we ensure that you are equipped to communicate your messages and properly tell your story, regardless of the questions being asked.

Reputation Management & Litigation Support

When the court of law intersects with the court of public opinion, you need to have the right legal team in place and the right communications expertise to provide strategic support. Our team has the experience of working with some of Connecticut’s leading law firms to provide strategic communications counsel that meshes seamlessly with legal counsel. We have the strategic ability to help you craft a public message that translates legalese into simple, compelling themes that support your legal efforts.

Social Media Support
No matter the industry or the communications challenge, social media is an integral part of any communications or marketing plan. We have the creative and time-tested expertise needed to effectively identify, reach and engage your target audience, in your own voice and on each of the major platforms. Our team is up-to-date on emerging platforms, environments and trends so our clients can adapt and stay one step ahead when telling their stories in the digital landscape.

Graphic Design
Today’s public relations world is more visual than ever before. Our team is able to break your messaging down into simple, compelling infographics and fact sheets. We capture your target audience’s attention and simultaneously educate them on the points you’re trying to make.

Community Engagement
Organizations—particularly corporations—are often evaluated by the impact they make creating shared value in the communities where they operate. We help shape and promote meaningful community outreach programs for our clients—whose activities have ranged from blood and clothing drives to collecting food for the needy, mentoring high school robotics teams and teaching the fundamentals of financial literacy to students. These are some of the purpose-driven actions that can help validate an organization’s community-building impact far beyond its balance sheet.