Times of crisis can make or break reputations. Our team excels in guiding clients through some of the most demanding, emotionally charged and high-profile communication challenges in history. We are the steady hand in the storm, equipped with a precise timeline and message strategy that sees clients through the crisis. Our approach is rooted in a strategic communications plan that not only addresses the current situation but also establishes the infrastructure and discipline needed to triumph over any challenge. We often kick-start our work by building a meticulously crafted strategic plan that aligns seamlessly with our clients’ culture and mission, ensuring readiness long before it’s required.

Our strong connections with people, media platforms and strategic planning are the pillars of our success in media relations. We not only establish meaningful relationships with reporters, editors, producers, assignment teams and on-air personalities, we deeply understand their requirements to ensure our clients’ messages are prominently featured in top media outlets. Our reputation extends far beyond Hartford, garnering regional and national recognition, enabling us to deliver millions of dollars in earned media value annually.

We possess a distinct advantage when it comes to championing both large and small economic development projects across the state. Our expertise lies in creating customized strategies to ease a market rollout and remove barriers that can stand in the way of our clients’ goals. By strategically utilizing key communication channels, we ensure our clients’ voices and visions reach—and are embraced by—local decision-makers and vital stakeholders. We are a strategic, respected and relentless force in the pursuit of success.

We are the authors of the playbook for integrated communications and lobbying, our strategy effectively breaks through the noise. We articulate our clients’ positions to key stakeholders as pivotal elements in addressing the advantages or opportunities presented by legislation using appealing key messages backed by indisputable facts. We achieve our clients’ goals through a tireless commitment to hard work, innovative solutions and unwavering dedication.

Our approach begins by listening to your goals. Then we craft tailored messages, using your unique brand identity as building blocks, to the specific goals at hand. We create a customized strategy to effectively deliver these messages, making sure your story tells itself, while continuously reassessing along the journey to ensure we achieve the results you demand.

The greatest challenge in communication is confidently delivering your messages to the right audience at the right time. We invest time to research the optimal environment for you to express your views. We design a customized coaching strategy, empowering you to learn, refine or adapt your presentation skills. This enables you to convey your story in your authentic voice, irrespective of the questions posed, ensuring your message resonates effortlessly. Through our coaching you will build self-confidence, making you and your messages magnetic to your desired audience.

Your brand and your voice are your power, they are your unfair advantage in the market. Trust us to safeguard your reputation. We navigate the complex media landscape, respond to crises and uphold your brand’s integrity. Our reputation management expertise ensures your brand shines in the best light and maintains your hard-earned credibility. We empower your reputation to stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

When the court of law meets the court of public opinion, it’s crucial to have precise communication expertise. Collaborating closely with your legal counsel, we join forces to methodically craft your public message. We aim to transform complex legalese into clear, compelling themes that bolster your legal endeavors.

Today’s audiences demand a visual dimension that complements your key messages and communication strategies. Our team excels at simplifying your messages into captivating infographics, product support, and other relevant collateral materials. Through creative and comprehensible content, we captivate your target audience’s attention and provide essential education on key points.

When our clients seek to connect with key stakeholders and foster community engagement, we build a strategic plan that showcases their organization’s positive impact on communities and nurtures genuine relationships. Our objective is to create an environment where our clients can engage with stakeholders to advance their vision.

In today’s world, if you’re not harnessing the power of social media platforms to narrate your story, convey your company’s vision and uphold your brand and connect with your audience, you’re overlooking growth opportunities. Our dedicated team specializes in efficiently identifying, reaching and engaging your target audience. We curate content and meticulously plan editorial calendars, conduct comprehensive social media audits and collaborate with your team to maintain up-to-date social media platforms, all while delivering support based on your specific needs.

Fuel your growth with impactful thought leadership. We help you share your vision, inspire change and connect with a global audience. Elevate your industry influence, shape conversations, drive innovation and be the go-to expert in your field. Establish yourself as a thought leader with our strategic guidance. We’re your strategic partners in success.

Crafting the right message is essential, and podcasting gives you the power to shape the narrative in a captivating, conversational style. The team at Sullivan & LeShane Public Relations, Inc., excels at bringing your story to life through dynamic podcasts, meticulously planning content, guests and settings. We provide strategic advice and identify creative ideas to enhance your podcast content.