Upcoming Changes to Facebook’s Mobile News Feed – by Chris Zaccaro

Facebook just announced some changes are coming to the mobile news feed for business pages—changes you will want to prepare for by the time they take effect on Monday, August 19th. Here’s what’s in store, and how to make the most of the changes.

1. First, your posts and ads are going to be limited to three lines of primary text. Meaning if the copy you developed takes up more than three lines, your followers are going to have to click on a “see more” prompt to read your entire message.

2. The other change coming to Facebook is the maximum height for photos and videos. It’s going to be reduced down to 4:5 on mobile news feeds. This means that if you post a photo or video that goes beyond this ratio, it’s going to be masked.

Why this is happening:

With these changes Facebook is hoping to increase ad effectiveness by making the mobile experience more simple and consistent, while making it easier for you to use the same assets on your Instagram feed. (The 4:5 photo ratio maximizes the amount of real estate on Instagram without getting cropped).

These changes will also clean up Facebook users’ personal news feeds quite a bit when they are on the mobile platform: and 96% of Facebook users regularly access the platform through mobile devices.

What to do:

The Shakespearean social media users are going to hate this, but you can prepare for this change by tightening up your business page posts. People will be less likely to read your entire message if they have to click on a prompt in order to do so. Remember, many of them are just passively scrolling through. Also, if there are instances where you use a link in your copy, rather than utilizing a link preview in your post, you’re going to want to make sure that link is visible within the first three lines or else your followers are going to be less likely to click on it.

So, tighten your message, use less context if you tend to be a long-form copywriter, get to your point quicker and use great visuals and link previews that will capture your followers’ attention.

Not familiar with photo aspect ratios? Here’s a useful page. Think of 4:5 as an 8×10’’ photo, they’re the same aspect ratios.

You may or not like the changes, but managing social media is a lot like enjoying a coloring book. You’re being creative and artistic, but you also want to make sure you stay inside the lines and color by the numbers—or else it just doesn’t work. But the bottom line is that your business is on Facebook to improve your bottom line. So prepare, adapt and scroll on!

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