Tuesday Tip: Business & Social Media – Look Before You Leave by Chris Zaccaro

Your friends may be taking a break from social media, but should your organization?

In a recent Communication World Magazine article, digital media pro Kristina Podnar asked Is it time to bid social media goodbye? It would take more convincing for me to begin advocating for the shutdown of social media platforms, but Podnar provides great tactical questions to ask yourself if you should consider curtailing or shutting down your organization’s platforms. To wit:

• What would it do to the brand?
• Will it damage audience or customer loyalty?
• How will you fill the communication void you just created?
• And of course, what if this doesn’t work out and turns into a bad idea?

Who of us hasn’t had at least one friend declare that they had enough and were taking a break or getting off social media for good? And these days, can you blame them?

The argument for shutting down platforms comes after a rough couple of years for social media that included a rise in fake news distribution, trolling and data hacks.

In fact, Podnar cites a report by The Drum’s Rebecca Stewart that only 8% of internet users worldwide believe that most of the information shared on social media is true; a number that drops to 4% where influencers are concerned.

Additionally, the Pew Research Center reported in their Social Media Use in 2018 article that “59% of social media users think it would not be hard to give up social media, including 29% indicating it would not be hard at all.”

Pew has also revealed in its 2018 article Americans are changing their relationship with Facebook that “74% of U.S. adult Facebook users either adjusted their privacy settings, took several weeks off from the platform or deleted the app altogether from their cellphone.”

But still, removing your organization from these communication channels is an entirely different, risky and major decision. One that could have big implications to your brand and business.

So while you personally may need a break from social media, don’t automatically let your personal views dictate your professional decisions. Before deactivating, ask yourself Podnar’s questions and see if shutting down your social media platforms is really what’s best for business.

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