Public Relations Services
The cornerstone of any good public relations strategy is the development and refinement of solid key messages.

Message Development and Delivery
SLPR works closely with each client to find exactly the right messages needed to allow the story be told in their words, not someone else’s. Rooted in SLPR’s overall “Communicating to Win” strategy, potential vulnerabilities are turned into positive key messages, and clients are given a new way of looking at themselves and talking about themselves.
Some of the areas most respected businesses and most prominent individuals depend on the trademarked SLPR message delivery/media training program to prepare before speaking to the media, to industry leaders at tradeshows, to government officials or to any other critical audience. This training prepares spokespersons with the techniques and the know-how to endure any challenging public interview or presentation – particularly with a highly discerning media and equips them with the tools needed to always stay “on message” regardless of the difficulty of the questions.

Capabilities include:
• Message Development Sessions
• Message Testing
• Media Training
• Presentation Training
• Intensive Prep Sessions
• Communicating-To-Win Seminars


Media Relations
A core strength of SLPR are the relationships developed with key media throughout the state. As the media has changed dramatically in the 23 years we’ve been managing it, SLPR has changed along with it to best represent our clients’ interests. Daily newspapers, their reporters and editorial boards, radio stations, radio talk shows, television stations, television talk shows, news blogs, news websites and all forms of social media – SLPR has a relationship with every media outlet in the State of Connecticut, and we communicate with them on a daily basis.
With the advent of the internet, there is no longer a “news cycle” and staying ahead of a story demands constant vigilance. It’s why we’re always available to our clients and never stop thinking about new and better ways to tell their story.

Capabilities include:
• Media Relations Planning
• Creation of Media Materials
• Reporter Briefings
• Editorial Board Briefings
• Media Events


Issue Management/Crisis Communications
When MetLife, NRG Energy, SPX, Homes for America, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, Citicorp, Mirage Resorts, MassMutual, American Medical Response and others faced serious public affairs challenges in Connecticut, they chose SLPR. They chose us for our ability to work strategically and build individually tailored strategic communications plans that allowed these companies to present themselves to the people of Connecticut in the best possible light, no matter what the issue.
Additionally, many Connecticut companies have relied on SLPR counsel to help them through the most severe challenges to their reputations. These include instances of workplace shootings, nursing home fires, allegations of sexual abuse, embezzlement by employees, alleged cancer clusters, environmental disasters, fines by regulatory agencies and the list goes on.

Capabilities include:
• Communications Support for Government Relations
• Litigation Support
• Crisis Communications
• Crisis Planning


Digital Media Services
Digital media strategies are rapidly becoming a critical component of any successful public relations campaign. The SLPR team can devise digital media strategies that incorporate blog creation, search engine optimization and Web design, We also understand the power of social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube (channel creation and seeding).
Our social media campaigns link each of our clients directly to a targeted demographic, reaching existing clients and identifying new ones.

Capabilities include:
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Website Design
• Website Content Writing
• Blog Network Development
• HTML Newsletters and e-blasts
• Animated web banners
• Web Analytics and Reporting
• Social Media channel creation/strategy
• Print Design