The Day I Met Glen Campbell – Gene Sheehan Remembers

It was at Charlie Kaman’s house in Farmington at a small fundraiser for the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation. Glen had a major role in the success of the Kaman-designed Ovation guitar, which he had prominently played on his national television show, and he and Charlie became friends for life.

A devoted Beach Boys fan, I was pumping Campbell for details on his early session work with the group when he was part of the “Wrecking Crew” and his experience of going on the road with the Beach Boys to replace an ailing Brian Wilson (they needed someone who could sing the high notes on their hit record at the time, “Caroline No”).

He was gracious, thoughtful and funny in his responses. Thank you, Glen Campbell, for giving this fan a magical afternoon all those years ago in Charlie Kaman’s living room.

This clip will give you an indication of the magic he could make with an Ovation guitar.

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