10 Signs You Should Invest In Public Relations


  1. Your Brand is constantly being misrepresented in the media.
  2. No one recognizes your company name when you go to networking events.
  3. You’re having difficulty recruiting talent or good business leads in comparison to your competitors.
  4. You don’t have cohesive communication between your marketing materials, business plan and management team.
  5. Your organization either does not have or has an outdated crisis management plan.
  6. You have made a change to your brand or you are about to make a change to your brand.
  7. You aren’t sure what the “brand” of a company even is.
  8. You need help communicating internally to your employees.
  9. Your company hasn’t identified a key spokesperson, or your key spokesperson feels uncomfortable talking to the media.
  10. You are about to make an important announcement (whether positive or negative)

In these situations as well as many others, having strong, consistent key messages and media coaching from the experts can make the difference between building public support or fading into history.

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